Comfortable shoes, a good sunhat and binoculars are the only things you’ve to prepare Tanzania, a country of enormous prairies replete with life, turns out to be one of the most advisable for those who are looking forward to experimenting the feeling of sharing the animals habitat.

Dress up like Indiana Jones, protect yourself with some antimosquito spray, prepare your binoculars and star the adventure of a lifetime.

Forget about your camera. Clean your retinas and get the ready after the technological screen saturation for what is needed, life in its pure state.

Be ready to wake up early and have a cold shower holding a soap with your left hand and an insecticide with your right one.

Al lado de un baobab en Tarangire, en mitad del Serengeti, en el mágico cráter del Ngorongoro… La sabana, el amanecer, la luna, las estrellas, su espectacular silencio. Estas serán algunas de las experiencias que disfrutrás descansando en tu burbuja.

  • Get ready to see insects in your bed that you´ve never seen before and hear night noises which make you think if the bubble zips are properly zipped up.
  • Prepare yourself to sleep and be woken up by an unexpected animal roaring next to you separated from you just by 1,5 cm canvas.
  • Soluble coffee with milk powder will be your breakfast, but with a dawn you have never imagined before.
  • Get ready or don´t. But be ready.

Get ready or don´t. But be ready.

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